A Network in Southern Africa

In her twenty-three years in the travel industry Connie’s passion for travel and adventure has allowed her to share her experiences with many different travellers, companies, and organisations. Working for tour operators, safari operators, and hotels, Connie has made memories with both budget and upscale travel groups and companies.

Beautiful view in Southern AfricaBeautiful view in Southern Africa5

Her travels have taken her through southern Africa by every mode of transport imaginable and she believes in seeing Africa your own way. Her network of fellow travellers, contacts, and friends throughout southern Africa leaves her clients spoilt for choice when it’s time to choose how they want to see Africa. Self-drive, chauffeur drive, fly-in safaris, coach tours, four country flight safaris, private tented mobile safaris, and even pony trekking are an option when you journey Africa’s most authentic landscapes with Connie.

Why Travel with Connie Neubold?  |   A Passion for Africa and Beyond

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