A Passion for Africa and Beyond

“My passion is to support my customers, to be the silent rock behind the scenes that connects all the important steps to a glorified journey.”– Connie Neubold

The passion for Africa that Connie shares with every one of her travellers stems from the exceptional experience of rediscovering our roots. There is something grounding about Africa for all of us. Some describe it as a special heartbeat, like an African drum, that beats within all of us. For others, this unique quality can be likened to the feeling of rich African savannah soil underfoot. Africa is our home; the place of Nature’s King, the African Lion, the Big Five as well as the Small Five, representative of most of the cultures of the world and the land of many stars and abundant blue skies.

Africa and African animals on a African safariHotels in Cape TownAfrica and African animals on a African safari

Connie’s zeal lies in uplifting children, and reawakening the child within us all, with the wonder and enchantment of travel. Experiencing nature in its purest and most authentic form in Africa is an exceptionally cathartic, healing, and liberating experience – and Connie believes this truly tangible freedom is essential for travellers of all ages.

Rediscovering one’s origins, where we come from, and how to regain the childlike ability to feel, look, listen, and discover is a huge part of the See You in Africa experience of Africa. Experiencing Africa in this way teaches the sanctity of life, and gives perspective. Connie’s travellers witness the true beauty of the wild and gain an awareness of the effects of our consumption and our place in the world.

Thinking of Africa

Some of Connie’s most cherished memories have been made in the African Bush. The Kruger National Park taught her perspective when everyday corporate life took its toll, and the silence of the Bush brought clarity and replenishment, allowing her to focus on her deepest visions and passions.
Botswana’s Kalahari Desert and Kubu Island, in the Makgadikgadi Pan area, have re-energised Connie time and time again. The Lesotho highlands of the Drakensburg Mountain range have always had such an inspiring effect on Connie and her travellers, that returning after a three-day trip feels as though they have been away for months.

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