About Us

5See You in Africa offers bespoke African expeditions for individual travellers, families, and both private and corporate groups. We bring to life the extraordinary journeys of many ancient, wonderful discoveries and authentic African experiences.

The name was inspired by the African Zulu language, in particular,  the daily greeting “Sawa bona” which means “I see you”. The reply to his greeting is “Sikhona”, meaning “I am here”. This powerful greeting validates being seen for who one is – being present.

By respecting and acknowledging each other, we energise our being
and relationship, thereby charging our life energy, which sustains us, operating
in the present moment.5

In Africa we practice Ubuntu, which translates as “humanity toward all”, a spiritual ethic that supports bringing each other into existence, together. To practice Ubuntu together is to help one another in remembering our true identity, recognizing our true value and participating fully in the Present.

Precious moments in Africa is what we design, manage, and bring together. We support you throughout your journey and we celebrate you being Present in Africa, and becoming part of the tremendous African Ubuntu!

Sikhona! See you In Africa!

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